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Inner Circle of the Intuitive Spiritualist 

I don’t know about you, but when I first opened up to my Spirituality, I felt alone and wasn’t sure who I could talk to about all these weird and crazy things around me. I woke up to strange sensations around me, my dreams became more vivid. I felt as if I was never alone in the room. Things popped into my head that just could not come from myself, etc….

I was feeling as if I was going crazy at times or hallucinating. Some experiences during Healing and Meditation Sessions felt like out of a Sci-Fi Movie.

If you know exactly what I am talking about, then this is for you!

To start with me I expect people to commit for 3 months.  We start your membership with an initial 1:1 session with me to see where your abilities are, how much or less you know and how we can direct your abilities.

I  run monthly Mastermind Sessions, Healing Circles & Q&A Sessions on Zoom for you to attend and to get answers to all of your questions.

All sessions are played into the Facebook group for you to watch at a later point if you cannot participate.

There will be also focus posts to keep track of your expansion and growth and to be accountable!

The VIP Membership will also give you access to 1:1 Sessions with me via Zoom or in Person.

This program is for you:

  • if you feel alone on your spiritual journey;
  • if you are confused by the different things that come up if you try to google what is happening to you;
  • if you are a Healer or Lightworker ready to deepen your abilities;
  • if you want to have somebody by your side discussing the weird, the beautiful and the paranormal in your day to day life;
  • if you want a clear direction on how to dive deeper into your gifts, skills and spiritual abilities;
  • if you are ready to commit to three months support from me;
  • if you are ready for an internal transformation!

Sounds like you?

Let me guide, assist and mentor you on your spiritual path. I will nurture, support and empower you week after week as you embark on a new journey; a journey within to re-connect you to your inner voice, your ancient wisdom and your true self.

So what you will get:

  • be empowered and dive deeper into your own Intuition
  • maintain a high frequency through the monthly Healing Circle
  • a monthly Mastermind Session to deepen your spiritual knowledge
  • monthly Q&A Sessions for you to ask any questions that have come up for you
  • Ongoing support as I am only a message away
  • 1:1 support in the VIP Program for the first 8 weeks of your membership

Your investment is just $250 AUD per month over 3 months OR pay in full and receive 4 month access


Today with Martina I received my first medical intuitive appointment I felt safe and relaxed.

I could instantly feel a healing energy and connection. We addressed an issue that I thought went back 20 years but it was actually 39 years ago. This area already feels lighter and can’t wait to see if anything changes over the next couple of days. Martina scanned other areas that were related and gave great feedback, some tips moving forward and a body scan drawing of the appointment.

I highly recommend booking in if you want to heal areas of concern this has opened my eyes to different healing methods.

– Joanne