No! Is it worth it? Yes. Why? Once you awakened and you can tap into the universal love and you walk your path everything is possible. I seem to get really busy at times and the me time keeps getting the cut. Once this happens and this seems to re-occur every 12 months, other peoples posts, words and/or actions seem to bring up all these emotions that I do not want to feel any more. Only last week exactly this happened to me once again and I thought, Oh no, not again. First of course I wallowed into the emotions and bought into them, I felt unworthy, dishonest and disloyal. Then I felt anger against the person that managed to bring these feelings up in me and that was the moment I stopped. I looked inside and decided that it is not the other persons’ issue that these feelings are brought to the surface. There is something else going on. My past surfaced, a time I am not proud of. A time, as a teenager, during I was not trustworthy and I was certainly not honest. I deceived my parents a lot and felt in the right to do so. I blamed them for having to act this way. So now these emotions have just shifted towards another person with one big difference: I am not this person any longer. I am honest and trustworthy. I am loyal and accountable. I am authentic. I left this other part of me behind a long time ago but whenever I do not practise self care, whenever I do not face my past but keep myself so busy that it seems I run away, these old emotions planting little doubts within me. Slowly it grows until my whole being responds. I drop in frequency and everything seems to get out of hand. It is now the first time that I have been able to be aware of these changes. The first time that I stopped and questioned instead of blamed. The first time that I allowed myself to see and feel instead of pushing it all away. I have come a long way since I took the first step into the light and followed the path of spirituality.

Is the path of Spirituality an easy path to walk? No but once you start and you take one step at a time, every challenge makes you a better person, every step moves you closer to raise your own frequency and with every step you leave negativity behind. You become the shiny bright you, who you truly are! And for this, it is all worth it. Stay true to yourself and look within. Your answers are all there…. Blessings to all!

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