What is going on? The last few days I am Miss Cranky in person. I chew hubby’s head off about every little thing. Nothing he does is right.

Talking to my parents, instead of looking forward to their arrival in January I provoke a fight because they won’t be here on Christmas.

I only seem to keep my moods at bay for my kids. Everybody else gets the cranky me. Sorry for that…..

I seem to be all over the place and struggle to keep focus. Since days I want to design a flyer for Caravan Parks and other places in town but I seem to lack motivation as soon as I am sitting down at my laptop…..

Looks as if I need some me time.

I haven’t had the chance in days to meditate or to go for a walk. The last few Tuesdays I have been too busy to take our dog to the beach for hour weekly hour walk all by ourselves. I actually haven’t been to the beach or for a swim in weeks either which is always so rejuvenating, calming and grounding. Life is so busy and there are so many things to do. I run around all day long getting stuff done and still nothing seems to be achieved.

I think it is time to sit back, even if it is just for half an hour, lock the world out and focus just on me. ┬áThere we go…..my goal for the day! Find half an hour for myself!

Have a great Saturday! Xxx