Sometimes I wonder how much change someone can go through in their life time….
My career started as an Insurance Clerk in Germany and took me to be a qualified Childcare Educator in my first new home in Australia. I loved the work and always felt it to be rewarding.
As we moved and children came along I felt the need to change but still being able to work with children. All my life I wanted to work with kids. They are pure and mean no harm at any time.
Having to go through IVF expanded my knowledge about alternative therapies such as Acupuncture and Bowen. I truly believe that Bowen and Acupuncture made it possible for me to fall pregnant three times. As we lost one little baby through an ectopic pregnancy we cherish our two little healthy kids every single day with all our heart.
The hands on experience with Bowen Therapy has opened up my way of thinking and has lead me on new career path. I have decided to become a Bowen Therapist with the idea of being able to change children’s life. Bowen Therapy has shown awesome benefits for children with special needs. Now 3 years later I am a fully qualified Bowen Therapist working in my own clinic.
As I started my Bowen journey I came to realise there is more than just the physical being. I experienced first hand how energies of other people can affect other people. I really struggled to get to terms with being influenced in such a strong way that I had to learn to protect myself.
Now I used to be a very typical German – well organised, practical and straight forward. Being affected by other peoples energies pushed me absolutely out of my comfort zone. I had to learn to adjust.
Over the last few years I learned to trust my intuition. Of course I also got in touch with a lot of people working already with energies and being far more experienced in all this matter than myself. These people helped me to understand what was happening and to move forward.
I have to admit it is a challenging path. But turning the wheel back and closing the doors on all that is happening is just not an option. So I learn and move on. One step every day…..
This year I have decided to expand my knowledge about energy work as I feel that this is a very substantial part of someone’s healing. How could the body heal fully if the mind and soul is not healed?
I joined the LUXOR Light Healing Practitioner Program and couldn’t be any happier about the knowledge I receive every single day. I am still learning and I can’t wait where life will take me….

This video has been taken during the Advanced LUXOR Light Healing Practitioner Workshop last weekend. I received a Healing by ChristinA Ritchie.