Just the other day I came across two of my old diary’s. The first one started shortly before my 13th birthday in 1990 and finished close to 2 years later. The second one continued on from the first one and finished in December 1994.

Both of them had locks on and I had to ask hubby to break them open as I couldn’t find the keys any more.

First I only flicked through them and laughed about most of the little poems and worries. Then I started reading some of the paragraphs and I have to say I do not recognize myself in some of the content anymore. At other times  I am shocked how much of the pain and sorrow comes alive again. Yes I am a different person today but the misunderstanding and pain this little girl must have felt at times is overwhelming. Of curse there are also entries where I can just smile about, wondering how that could have ever been a concern.

Sometimes I think it is important to go back in time and remember where we came from, what we have lived through and understand the lessons we have been taught.

I hope these diary’s will help me to understand my kids better when they hit the teenage years and that I won’t forgot that I have been there once myself. Maybe today is a day for me to reflect on the past and the long winding and at times rocky paths, that has brought me to who I am today.