What a year it has been. At the start of the year, I thought everything is going to settle and fall into place. I started the Phoenix Tribe and launched new Healing Programs.

As I was creating the individual programs I realised the system behind it and what it will do to Individuals participating. And then as I was just getting comfortable I stepped out of my comfort zone, travelled by myself to the other side of

Australia and attended a Medical Intuitive workshop that completed and enriched my Healing work in the most amazing ways.

On a personal level, I have undergone spiritual and emotional growth on so many levels, recognizing patterns and old re-surfacing believes. I have been tested many times and often I have been my worst own enemy!

My children are growing up way to fast as most children do and time seems to fly faster with every year passing. I enjoyed all their activities even so it sometimes felt there was no time to catch a breath.

I have been blessed with so much abundance in my life, personal and business, and even so I do take things as they come I certainly do not take friendships, health and family as granted.

The year has proved to be an emotional rollercoaster and suffering with Peri-Menopause has not made these emotional challenges easier. Nevertheless, I wouldn’t change a thing!

Thank you to everybody that has been part of my journey this year. Thank you for your support, your trust and faith in me! I see you and I believe in you, no matter what!

Many blessings to all of you.