Have you ever known that you are on track and still had this inner voice making you doubt yourself?

Time is almost ready and on Thursday 1/3/2018 my new group “Healing from Within” launches. Excitement doesn’t really cover how I feel about the opportunity to share my gift of initiating healings, to support and guide.

And even so I truly do believe this is what I want and this is what is needed by so many I started to doubt myself. I haven’t had the promising sign up of 100 as I had hoped for – so I do realise this was a very ambitious goal – but I do have people that have signed up and that are just as excited as I am to be part of the group. I am grateful for the sign ups and my heart fills with joy knowing I can be of service.

Nevertheless the doubts crept in. Am I doing the right thing? Is it really what I am supposed to be doing? Is this the right way for me to share my gifts?

Everything says yes yes yes and still….this niggly self doubt….this little voice in my head trying to tell me I am not ready for this or the world is not ready for me and my ways.

I need guidance but of course my ego creeps in and makes sure I have no time to recede back into the stillness to receive the guidance. Whenever I give myself a few minutes of awareness, my intuition and my guides are showing me, telling me and shouting at me: “Take some quiet time. Move into stillness. Guidance is waiting for you!” Everything around me gives me the same message! Cards being pulled, conversations with psychic friends and all around me! But how good am I in self manipulating? Since 2 days I found so many more important things to do. I still have not given myself the time to listen and to allow guidance to be received. So I made a pact this morning that no matter what I will take at least half an hour tonight, once the kids are in bed, to just be. I will allow my guides to come in and within the stillness I will allow the guidance to be presented.

Love and support surrounds me. The excitement of new ways to come is in the air. So tonight I will just be and allow.

Do you ever take the time to just be? To allow your intuition to take over? To be in the flow and let go of control?

Please feel free to share this blog if you enjoyed reading it. New followers on either business pages Martina Manners and Violet Flame Wellness are always welcome and of course I would love to have you on board in the Healing Group starting in March 2018.