Do you trust in your own abilities or do you need a lot of reassurance from friends and family? Have you got faith in yourself that you know best when to do what and how to do it?

Once again I see myself questioning myself. And once again I see myself reaching out to others only to receive the confirmation of what I already know. Is this an ongoing test? Is this my EGO seeding doubt to stop me in my tracks? I truly believe so, yes. So what to do about it?

Find the stillness within and fully surrender. The answers will come and so will the guidance. Only if you can fully trust yourself and place faith in your own abilities, if you respect and love yourself, the EGO cannot succeed in planting a doubt in your mind. Listen to your heart instead. Your EGO has no access to your heart, just your mind. If you follow your heart, you follow your path – your truth. Trust, believe and make the impossible possible!

Next month, in July, I am opening my services to 3 months 1:1 Healing work with clients. This will test me, push me and accelerate me and my clients. This journey will be unique for every single participant and for myself. I am excited and terrified! I will guide and support and grow all at the same time. How amazing to offer this gift and enter in such a close contract. My EGO has no room in this expansion of Healing service for others. Trust and faith in myself is no 1 with self care and self love!

So if you ever find yourself doubting yourself, listen to your heart. Be quiet and still and surrender to the guidance that is ready to come through.

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