Today I am re-visiting a Blog I have written almost 3 years ago. How fitting that I came across it today to be reminded where I have started a few years ago. Enjoy the read!

My husband and I have two children; a 3.5 year old boy and a 16 months old girl. They are my world. I love them more than words can tell.

Both of our children are IVF children, little miracles. We also had an ectopic pregnancy and lost one little angel. The path was rocky and an emotional roller coaster. But somehow we managed and got through it….twice.

Just before our son was due we moved towns. We needed a sea change and that’s exactly what we got; a beautiful house close to the ocean and beach in a small country town.

Somehow I always knew my children would be quiet spiritual even before I got onto my spiritual path. Having made the conscious decision to change my occupation has opened a lot more doors in ways I would have never expected. All of a sudden I experienced the effect of energies. I had to learn to protect myself. I met people channelling angel messages and others talking to spirits. People involved in work with crystals and essential oils. My whole perspective of the world got turned upside down and therefore my beliefs. If I have ever wondered if there is a life after death, now I am certain there is as I also belief there is a reason to live your life on this planet. There is so much more than just this existence and there always has been so much more.

Often my German practical and logical upbringing stops me from trusting and having faith in my own intuition. My head often gets in the way and I miss out on messages because I do not stop for long enough to listen. I am my own worst enemy.

I truly believe I had to be on my spiritual path to be blessed with these two beautiful angels that have already such strong personalities and that need more than just the general understanding of this planet. They need someone around that can guide them, support them and reassure them along their way. So I am trying my hardest to open up to new ways, to understand the healing abilities that everybody has and the power of the mind. Often I need help and guidance and reassurance of others that have more experience. I am lucky enough to seem to come across the right people at the right time. Almost as if something or someone pushes me into the right direction.

My spiritual life has taken off like a rocket in the last three years and the one and only reason for me to keep pushing my own boundaries over and over again is the unconditional love I feel for my two little darlings. They are my angels on earth. They need a mother that understands and I will try my hardest to give them what they need.

Love and blessings to all and as always please feel free to share this blog if you enjoyed reading it.