Often I have been asked how come I do what I do. How did I start in the Holistic Health Industry and where does my passion for Healings stem from?

The beginning of my career as a complementary therapist seems like a long time ago. We just had moved from Kununurra to Port Denison to be closer to my husband’s parents for the birth of our first child. One of the decisions we made with the move was to discontinue my career within the Family Day Care Industry for now. This was all well and god and for the first 12 months I was fairly content and busy enough as a first time mum. Now I am not a person to sit around and let somebody else pay for my way and I started to become restless. I started to think what I really want from live and where I can see myself being happy. I loved the work with children and always wanted to work within an industry that provided services for children. But being an educator was not providing me with enough access to really help children, especially struggling children. Starting a university degree as a psychologist specialising on children with special needs with 36, even so it was a career I would have loved to follow, was not really realistic or what I wanted for myself and my family. In the previous 3-4 years I gained a lot of insight into Bowen Therapy and the effects it can have on children. I was curious and did some research. Working as a Bowen Therapist would give me the chance to continue working with children, offering services especially for special needs kids and providing me with a new career I can implement from home, working around my own son and hubby. So with a not even 12 months old baby I started to study the Cert IV in Bowen Therapy. I attended my first practical Module in March 2013 and things went really well. The second practical block arrived and all of a sudden I couldn’t be in the room anymore, when other students treated other people. I basically just passed out. In this particular class we were only 3 students, the teacher and 2 extra people that helped out as Body’s to work on. Whenever the other 2 worked on their body’s I was gone…. to start with I was thinking this is due to the next round of IVF medication I only just started on. I can tell you, it was a very long weekend with lots of unanswered questions. From this module we went on to visit friends and of course I wanted to put my new learned skills into practise. A friend volunteered as guinea pig and I started the treatment. Within 5 min I had heart racing, lack of blood pressure and all not mine. I asked my friend if she was feeling ok and she told me she had heart racing, and felt as if her blood pressure stopped. I looked at her gobsmacked and had no idea what was going on. I started to be very confused and started to Google this and that. But really I had no idea what was going on or how I could feel what the client felt. I called friend of mine who was spiritually inclined and who offered massage since years. I told her what was happening and she started laughing and said: “Of course, don’t you know you are an Empath?” There was a challenge for my very practical, straight forward mind. First of all I had never heard as much as the word Empath. After finding out a bit more and trying to work out how to stop the passing out and taking on bits when being taught and during treatments, I had to learn how to protect myself. I used to do Yoga before and during my pregnancy and practiced deep breathing for the birth but this is as far as it went with my spiritual practises to that point of time. But there was no way around it. I had to learn more about energy and protecting myself and healings….. ohhhhh another big word that was so far just humbug in my vocabulary….. Part of my studies was proving of 100 practical hours free of charge. As I started on these hours I got to know quite a few people that were spiritually inclined. One of the ladies I have met in this time was Christina. She introduced me to Meditations and also gave me my first ever healing. OMG…I did not know what I got myself into when I accepted the offer for a healing. Now Christina is not a quiet Reikki Practitioner that just sits there and lets the energy runs the course. As a LUXOR Light Practitioner the energy takes over your body and healings are often far away from quiet. My first experience was absolutely out there and I did not know what to think. As I was going through more IVF cycles Christina offered to provide ongoing support and during one of these healings I had my first ever out of body experiences. This was the moment in which everything changed. I woke up, I realised there is more to the healing than the physical side of things. I had to learn more. Shortly after I joined Christina’s Ascension program and quickly I went from barely being able to sit still for 25 min to somebody that could meditate without guidance and converse with her guides. The decision was made and I joined the LUXOR Light Practitioner program. Healings since have become part of my life and as important as it is to look after the physical body, I now can see the importance of an Holistic Health approach. Only when the Body, Mind & Soul are being addressed and helped with, a full healing can take place.

After finishing my Cert IV Bowen Therapy I continued my studies and finished 2 years later with the Specialised Bowen Procedures 2. Bowen and Healings are two modalities I am offering now in my business Violet Flame Wellness and both give me so much satisfaction to be offering. In both modalities Body, Mind & Soul being addressed to a certain degree and the service given can be life changing. I do believe Bowen can be given via Distance but a hands on approach is more beneficial as we can assess appropriately. Healings on the other side do not need an Assessment and the power of energy transfer reaches far and wide. I love offering both modalities to children and can see the effect both have. My long term goal is to empower people and support as many as I can on their way of self discovery. How amazing would it be if everybody has the awareness of realigning the assemblage point and chakras? How much easier would it be for everybody if the awareness of an imbalance within the energy field would be there? I have made it my goal to educate people, teach and assist children and everybody willing to learn more about themselves.

Weekly Group Healings in the new subscription group “Healings from Within” is only the beginning and I cannot wait to see where my Spiritual Path will lead me in future. Providing a service so essential in this new time of consciousness is the reason why I do what I do.

Please feel free to share this blog if you enjoyed reading it. New followers on either business pages Martina Manners and Violet Flame Wellness are always welcome and of course I would love to have you on board in the healing Group starting in March 2018.