Why does Ascension have to be so hard? Why can’t it be a breeze? Imagine how many people would jump on board if you could face your baggage, realise what your lesson was/is and move on….simple as that. But no, instead we are experiencing nausea, headache, sleeplessness, mood swings and not sure what else. Makes it pretty hard to persuade people to look after themselves and to meditate, to follow their spiritual path on their way to Ascension and to get them to understand why you bother with meditations at all.

I tried to meditate for over 2 years without any success in getting even close to calming my mind. I tried all sorts of guided meditations, breathing exercises, calming exercises. Power yoga works for me but it didn’t really gave me what I was after. It was just not quiet the same than meditating. I got really frustrated and gave up for quiet some time until I fell pregnant the second time and worked my way through breathing exercises in combination with hypnobirthing. That has done the treat for a while. I relaxed and calmed my mind. After and during pregnancy I joined a local meditation class. The facilitator provides LUXOR Light Meditations. These meditations are sometimes pretty out there but it certainly has helped me. Four years in I can say using Mantra’s to start and easing into meditations is mostly possible. Am I still getting nausea and headachy? Oh yes…every time I am releasing some more baggage from the past. But these days I can handle it. I know it’s an energetic shift I am going through. I can accept it and put it aside so I still can functioning and look after my 2 little trouble makers. It is a rough path but I do have to say it is well worth it!

Well there we go. My first blog, not at all what I thought it would be  but hey……hopefully somebody finds it interesting.