Last week I published a poll in one of the Spiritual Facebook Groups in which I am a member and a few questions came up. I decided to use my answers for today’s blog post as I do not want to limit my answers to a small group of readers.

  • How can Group healings help you!? Do you feel stressed throughout the week? Do you feel like you are holding back? Or maybe you are stuck in the negative? Maybe you struggle with physical issues or illnesses? Or maybe you have only started on your path of spirituality and you are not sure where to find answers or where to start at all? Either of these reasons is a reason to join the Group Healings. The Group Healings will help to calm and relax you. Peeling of layer by layer everything that is holding you back and will be released step by step. Physical issues/health concerns are difficult to deal with and the healings are not there to cure this part, but they are looking at healing the Soul, the mind which in return gives the body more energy to deal with physical issues. And if you have only just started on your spiritual journey healings are a great way to dive deeper and with the subscription you will receive ongoing support and the chance to ask away. Weekly Q&A Sessions will give you the chance to get questions answered to my best ability
  • Why do I think everybody can benefit from the Group Healings? We are living in a fast moving world and much too often we forget to take time out, listen within and respond to our needs. Through the weekly Group Healings you allow yourself some time out. You take the time to listen within and respect your need for some quiet time. You show yourself the respect to listen within, your own needs and will be able to let go. You will grow surer in yourself as you allow yourself this special time week by week. You are taking responsibility and start being accountable for your own inner health
  • And lastly, why do I offer them to such an affordable price and I am telling you this is a bargain! I have a gift I have been given to use. This gift is to channel healings, to see what needs to be seen and to respond as a clear channel accordingly. I initiate the healing that takes place and channel from source and earth, from spirits and guides whatever you need at that moment in time. Not everybody has the financial cash flow for personal intuitive healings with me. Plus the days are simply not long enough to offer my service to the many in need. The Group Healings are an affordable platform in which my gift can reach the many.

I hope these answers resonate with you and clear up some questions. Blessings to all and as always please feel free to share this blog if you enjoyed reading it.
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