I am in Perth at the moment for a wedding. We are staying at a pretty nice house close to the venue. But this wind……It sounds as if a kid is crying non stop.

The wind blows through the gap of the entry door and produces this horrible whiny noise. It’s somewhat spooky and I can’t say I like it. My brain says, it’s just the wind. Nevertheless it gives me a very unsettled and uncomfortable feeling.

Have you ever had an unsettled feeling you couldn’t shake off? This eerie feeling reminds me on a night when I met a spirit.

We only just had moved into our new place and the energy of the place was still the one of the previous owners. I was not at home yet…. One night I woke up and felt a presence right in my face. It took all my self control to not just scream. See this was before I had started my spiritual journey and before I was aware of anything like this. I haven’t noticed spirits or angels or anything out of the ordinary before. I was just a “normal” person. These days I just tell spirits to buggar off if they come to an unsuitable time and ignore them. I am not ready to listen to them yet or be consciously aware of them. Maybe one day I will but at the moment I don’t mind them around as long I am not aware of them all the time. Different story of course if they come through during healing sessions with messages for my client. Then I am open to forward the message.

Does that make me weak? I am not sure. Maybe it is not my path to see and hear spirits on all conscious levels. Maybe one day it will be part of what I am doing. One thing is for sure, if I am supposed to see, hear and communicate with spirits it will happen when the time is right and when I am ready for it.

Something different for the day. Love and blessings, Xxx